2 Samuel 17


I noticed an interesting symmetrical set of circumstances in the following passage of scripture.

Jonathan and Ahimaaz had been staying at En-rogel so as not to be seen entering and leaving the city. Arrangements had been made for a servant girl to bring them the message they were to take to King David.

But a boy saw them leaving En-rogel to go to David, and he told Absalom about it.

Meanwhile, they escaped to Bahurim, where a man hid them inside a well in his courtyard.

The man’s wife put a cloth over the top of the well with grain on it to dry in the sun; so no one suspected they were there. When Absalom’s men arrived, they asked her, “Have you seen Ahimaaz and Jonathan?” She replied, “They were here, but they crossed the brook.” Absalom’s men looked for them without success and returned to Jerusalem – 2 Samuel 17:17-20

I see four parts to this balance of self similarity. They are: The servant girl, the boy, a man in Bahurim, and a woman in Bahurim.

  • The servant girl is the messenger. She set things into motion. The woman in Bahurim ensured that motion continued.
  • The boy revealed a secret and nearly spoiled plans. A man in Bahurim hid the secret and put plans back on track.
  • The younger initiated something. The older ensured the correct outcome.

Does this mean anything? Is there some great spiritual application? Probably not. But, I found it interesting.

Good night, Jan


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