Job 4


One of the things that I have been gifted with by God is the ability to encourage people. I see that Job is described as a being likewise.

In the past you have encouraged many a troubled soul to trust in God; you have supported those who were weak. Your words have strengthened the fallen; you steadied those who wavered. – Job 4:3-4

But who encourages the encourager when he is down?

But now when trouble strikes, you faint and are broken. Does your reverence for God give you no confidence? Shouldn’t you believe that God will care for those who are upright? – Job 4:5-6

Job’s friend Eliphaz was off to a good start with the few statements he made above. Sadly, he continued to speak.

When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. – Proverbs 10:19

It makes me wonder though, how many times have I been like Eliphaz or even Peter on the mount of transfiguration? When they had nothing to say – they spoke anyway.

Father, please give me the wisdom to know when to refrain from speaking. I need to know when someone simply needs me to sit with them. Conversely, Lord please let me know what to say and when the time is right. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Add courage, don’t subtract it. Jan


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