Who Am I?


I am a Christian man in his mid 50’s. Like many men, I struggle with daily life issues. I know that my wife and children deserve to have a man of integrity, a man of courage, a man of passion, in short – a warrior for God, as head of our home.

Therefore, one of the things I have resolved to do is to chronicle my bible readings as the Lord Jesus gives me strength and ability. I am doing so with several other men that God has placed in my life. It is a concept that you can find on www.dBrag.org. I encourage you to follow suit.

Remember, if you are in Christ, you are blessed!


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Big Brian

    I think what you created is awesome! You’re amazing Dude! I love it. May God continue to give you a fresh blessing of His Holy Spirit in the form of these on time devotionals.
    In Christ

  2. Christel

    Hi Jan! I think this is a great idea! May God richly bless you in your efforts! I was sooo happy to find your very detailed list of translations for Wild at Heart. I have a Portuguese friend, and have been trying to find the translations. Do you maybe have the Portuguese title of Captivating, which is also one of John’s books which he co-wrote with his wife Stassi? I would appreciate this a lot, should you be able to assist me with this.
    Kind regards


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